Meet Our Family 

It's hard to fathom that in the 21st century there are countless people groups, tribes and villages that remain unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why?


It's not because the church doesn't care but simply because they are hard to get to. Many of them remain isolated because of geography. There are no roads to get to them; the cost is high to reach them and the journey is long. Our family is committed in going the distance and taking on Overland Missions motto: Any Road...Any Load...Any Time.  


There are so many that remain lost and waiting for hope, waiting to know the love of Jesus Christ. It is a glorious and humbling life we get lead by following Matthew 28:19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations" reconciling men unto Christ, teaching them, instructing them and making disciples.



John born 5/13/85

Brandy born 4/18/86

We met in Africa on a mission trip when we were teenagers. We have been to Africa 5 times together for missions since 2001. In 2014 we became full time missionaries with Overland Missions. This year we will be married for 13 years and are humbled to follow God's calling.


Savanah Ashley Kite

Born: 3/16/2007

Currently in 6th Grade

She is a leader, a great helper and loves to serve. She enjoys cooking scones, making coffee and finding anyway to bless people around her. She loves singing, and is super creative in art. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 


Sahara Evelyn Kite

Born: 7/11/2008

Currently in 5th Grade

Best way to describe her is a lover girl.

She is gentle, sweet and such a giver. 

Her dimpled smile melts your heart. She loves art, singing and playing with her sisters. She accepted Christ at four and LOVES Jesus with all her heart and passionate about sharing her faith. 


Makena Eden Kite

Born: 2/17/2011

Currently in 2nd grade

This little girl is FULL of life. She makes you laugh all the time. She LOVES horses, she would like to be a horse. She loves ALL bugs and animals and is always finding  creative ways to make them her friend. She loves music, she will listen to worship music all day. She accepted Christ at three and had her sisters baptize her in the bathtub.