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I am so eager to preach the gospel...I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.    Rom. 1:15-16


Our Family


Just a few years ago we were your typical average American family. We had the house, the job, all the material possessions you strive for as adults, but none of these “things” could replace the deepest desire we had to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations. We sold everything and pursued the dream job and became everything but your average family and our story is just beginning.


What is this dream job you speak of? Our family joined staff with Overland Missions in 2014. We are a part of a incredible team that consists of a unique, dynamic and awesome group of families and individuals who are passionate about serving Jesus and seeing a radical move of God on earth. We are committed in reaching the unreached people groups of the world. Our emphasis is preaching the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ and the new creation, to those that have never heard the name of Jesus. Our mandate, according to the Holy Scriptures, is to “Go ye into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” 


In chapter one of our story we sold all our belongings, lived in tents, traveled the world, got shipwrecked by a humpback whale, and Brandy suffered a spinal cord injury that has left her paralyzed from the belly button down. We could of given up but instead just 4 months after Brandy's accident we traveled the world to Preach the Gospel. 

It’s almost humorous to think of all the things that have happened in 4 years. The one thing that hasn’t and never will change is the GOODNESS of God. You may be thinking how can you say God is good when you have gone through so much in 4 years.

Well we would LOVE to meet with you & share our story and the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. 

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